Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Pair of Cooking Blog Reviews

I discovered two new cooking blogs which combine those two fabulous ingredients: good food and a sense of humor. I've added their links to our side bar and here's a mini-review of each.

First, The Gallumphing Gourmand is the food blog of Torontonian Ian. Lots of meat recipes for the omnivores, but also some great vegetarian recipes as well as Ian is trying to incorporate more vegetables in his diet. I plan to try his Mashed Potato Poppers recipe soon, which don't even need fiddling around with to be gluten-free, but the serious cooking season is waning in our house as the garden and softball fields beckon.

Second, My Vintage Kitchen is another wonderful blend of whimsy, great graphics and intriguing from-scratch recipes. Lots of stylish photos and yummy recipes for tarts, red pepper soup and other old-fashioned treats that are fun to mess up the kitchen with.
I love that the Date-Nut Pudding recipe was preceded by a date-from-hell story. We've all got date nuts in our past to blog about, don't we? I remember this weird guy Jerry who asked me out on a date while we were touring a maximum security prison (work-related tour) which should have been been my first sign that things would end badly. We were supposed to go out for pizza, but when we got together he told me that he had a collapsed lung again (!?!) and wanted to take things easy back at his apartment. I should have fled in terror, but I was young and stupid and went back to his "pad" as he called it where we sat on the couch and talked awkwardly until I saw a huge cockroach crawling on the wall above my head and smacked it with my shoe. Finally, I had the good sense to complain of health problems of my own and beat a hasty exit. Whew!

Upon reflection, that date nut story was too unappetizing to accompany a recipe, so perhaps I'll leave it up to you to explore My Vintage Kitchen for appropriate food-related prose.


Ian said...

Thanks for the link! I'm glad you enjoyed my blog. Cheers!

Shelly said...

AWWW! THANK YOU! I am so excited to watch what you cook! I am not to hot on the meat myself and I am very interested in cutting out some of that gluten! You have a great blog and such a cute family!