Monday, December 22, 2008

Gluten Free Product Review: Orgran Pasta

Heather over at Life, Gluten Free is putting the spotlight on gluten-free products this holiday season and I am pleased to review Orgran pasta. I picked up a 8.8 oz. package of their Rice and Corn Vegetable Pasta in a beautiful corkscrew shape at my local health food store. The price was great ($2.98) but I bought it for the beauty of the three colors of noodles, which is normally not something to be had in the limited palette of GF pastas normally on the market shelf.

The Australian-based Orgran company makes these noodles from rice and corn. The red noodles are tinted with beets and tomatoes and the green tinted with spinach. That's it for ingredients. The corkscrew shape is also a nice change from the usual choice of straight or elbow shapes. These corkscrew noodles held their lovely curves well and did not turn mushy, although I have learned to hover over my boiling GF pasta pot because the window of opportunity is very slim with gluten-free noodles.

I bathed these Orgran Noodles with a simple tomato sauce, enlivened with a little dollop of leftover Baba Ghanouj (I often bake an eggplant until soft and add it to my marinara to inject a little aubergine into my kids on the sly) and the lovely ridges of the noodles held onto this delectable sauce. Highly recommended!

Heather has a bunch of product reviews for gluten-free edibles and other items, many of which would make great stocking stuffers, so be sure to check in with her blog posts during the last month.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Rachel! This is a great post. I have been curious about the Orgran Pasta and their other products. I am going to try some too!

Mediterranean kiwi said...

i know just what you mean when you talk about injecting a little aubergine into your kids on the sly!

Vegetation said...

Mmm some of the orgran pastas are great. If you ever come across the Rice and Millet spirals, they're my favourite (although I have some wholegrain quinoa and wholegrain with amaranth ones to try soon so that may just change!)

ARLENE said...

I'm having a "duh" moment, complete with whack to the side of my head. My friend's SIL can't eat her manicotti, so my friend was going to try to make the crepes with rice flour. I'll bet you'd know if there's such a thing as ready-made, gluten-free manicotti.