Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Betty Crocker Giveaway Winner

Last month I was pleased to review the four new gluten-free baking mixes that the Betty Crocker brand has just released in the wilds of many American supermarkets and to offer a giveaway prize package of baking mixes, coupons and some other goodies. The randomly-selected winner is Angela's Kitchen. Angela has a gluten-free and dairy-free food blog, which I just discovered, and will be adding to my ever-growing list of 120+ gluten-free blogs. Congratulations Angela!

I haven't been blogging as much this summer as I have been trying to keep up with my garden output. After a cool and rainy Spring and first half of Summer, the weather has gotten hazy, hot and humid and our stressed-out garden plants are producing early. A lot of the plants have wilt or blight from a seemingly endless string of rain storms, so we are harvesting a daily armload of zucchinis, lettuces, tomatoes, broccoli, beans, and greens. I've been busy canning and freezing and will be posting soon about a Spicy Zucchini Relish I tried out. In the meantime, you can imagine how much fun I'm having putting up homegrown Tomato Sauce, Salsa, Dilly Beans, and Cucumber Relish. Not to mention those toothsome and garlicky refrigerator pickles!


Angela's Kitchen said...

Woo-HOO! I am so excited! The kids and I are doing a little dance (I bet you are glad you can't see that...) We can't wait to experiment with them.

Thank you so much.

And thank you for adding me to your blog list. :o)

Gaile said...

awesome list! please add my blog to the list. it's not just recipes, but they're all gf for the last few years. fidgetybudgie.typepad.com