Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Red Pack Tomatoes Review

When it comes to my love apples, I am definitely in the camp of preferring to use my own homegrown tomatoes, fresh, frozen, or canned. Store-bought canned tomatoes still reside in my pantry, however, especially those smaller cans of diced tomatoes for popping into soups or draining and spicing up into zesty salsa.

Recently the Red Pack Company sent me a couple of cans of their tomatoes to sample, along with some kitchen toys, including this giant replica Red Pack can that now houses my bird seed stash. I received a can opener, pasta fork, pizza wheel and a can each of whole tomatoes and crushed tomatoes.

I hadn't used whole canned tomatoes in years, but it brought back memories of how much fun it is to grab a tomato and squish it into the sauce pot. Messy, yes. But fun.

I used my Red Pack tomatoes to make up a batch of vegetable-stuffed marinara. I am always trying to get daughter #1 to eat more veggies, and have become rather stealthlike in this endeavor. I stick all kinds of vegetables, sauteed, minced, pureed or whizzed around the food processor. For my Red Pack Sauce I used a can each of the whole tomatoes and crushed tomatoes, sauteed up a mess of minced garlic, tomatoes, green pepper, mushrooms, parsley and snuck in some roasted eggplant. Delicious! The Red Pack tomatoes have a bright, acidic taste that was really great in my tried and true tomato sauce, so I can recommend this brand.

You can find Red Pack tomatoes locally at both Hannaford and Price Chopper supermarkets. I noticed Price Chopper has the 28 oz. cans of Red Pack on sale for 5 cans for $1.00, so that's a good deal.  

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