Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Herb Blogging #292 Roundup

The pleasures of the garden, farmers markets, and produce shelves are all spectacularly showcased in the following roundup of posts for Weekend Herb Blogging #292. I was given the pleasure of hosting this week by the Queen of WHB, Haalo of Cook Almost Anything, and once again, I have learned a lot about growing and cooking some new plant ingredients as well as some old favorites.

This week there were WHB participants from around the globe, where different vegetables and fruits are in season, and I thought about organizing the roundup geographically.  However, while tidying up the children's section at our used bookshop the other day I got inspired and thought it would be fun to announce the WHB submissions in the format of an alphabet book, so here goes.

B is for BISCOTTI DI MAIONESE, or Mayonnaise Cookies, an intriguing entry from Cindystar on the shores of Lake Garda in Italy. Cindystar provides the recipe for this sweet treat in both English and Italian, and they look tempting in (and around) any tongue.

C is for CHERRY PLUMS, which Shaheen foraged from her inlaws' backyard. She brought them back to her Allotment 2 Kitchen, somewhere west of Scotland, and baked up an impressive Cinnamon Cherry Plum Torte.

D is for DANDELION AND YAM PIE, straight from Graziana's Italian oven at Erbe in Cucina. This recipe was inspired by an out-of-control dandelion plant fighting for control over its herb and chili pepper neighbors in a container pot. Graziana yanked it out, cooked it up with some yams, and baked up these little pies in parchment.

F is for FRENCH BREAKFAST RADISH. Vietnamese-born, Australian transplant Anh of A Food Lover's Journey is a novice gardener, and relays her adventures in horticulture in her blog post. She has lots of great advice about using recycled containers for garden plants and grew these sumptuous looking French Breakfast Radishes.

G is for GARLICKY STIR-FRIED PEA SHOOTS.  Earlier this week at the Crispy Cook, I had a bag of pea shoots and tendrils from Albany, New York's Asian markets to experiment with. I stir-fried them with garlic, oil and soy sauce and they were a new taste treat for my family.

H is for HEALTHY EATING FOR ORDINARY PEOPLE,  Rivki's New Jersey-based blog. She cooked up some Creamy Baby Collards with spring onions and chives.

K is for KIRSTEN who assembled this refreshing Shaved Fennel Salad with Dill and Feta at her blog From Kirsten's Kitchen to Yours.  This recipe also incorporates thinly sliced zucchini, which many northern hermisphere gardeners are starting to harvest in their summer gardens.

M is for MEXICAN CABBAGE STIR-FRY.  Torontonian Janet of The Taste Space takes the humble cabbage and zips it up with some spices and beans for a new twist on the old stir-fry.

P is for PACKHAM PEARS, which WHB Hostess with the Mostess, Haalo of Cook Almost Anything, baked into a luscious Pear Crumble Pie.  Packham Pears were first bred in Haalo's native Australia and are just coming into season.

R is for ROASTED STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM. With a splash of balsamic vinegar, no less. What a glorious gelato this must be with such colors and flavors, alchemized by Simona of Briciole in her northern California kitchen.

S is for SAGE, which Elly of Nutmegs, seven in Oxford, England uses to perfection in her recipe for Sage-Crusted Veal with Summer Vegetables. Elly's prose and photography are so wonderful and she explores lots of cooking traditions on her beautiful blog.

Thank you to Haalo for the chance to host this terrific food blog event this week and to all the participants for sharing their interesting posts. Next week Weekend Herb Blogging will be hosted by Almond Corner, who already has her announcement post up with a cool recipe for Sour Cherry Cake, so be sure to drop by.


Rivki Locker (Ordinary Blogger) said...

So pleased to be part of the roundup this week. All of these dishes look wonderful. I'm not sure which one to try first!

Shaheen said...

Thank you so much for hosting Rachel.

Wow what a fab round up. I am especially delighted to see Graziana's Dandylion and yam pie - totally new to me.

janet @ the taste space said...

You missed the first letter!

A is for awesome post, Rachel! Thanks for hosting WHB this week. :)

Simona said...

I totally agree with Janet: what a great post! Thank you for hosting.

Haalo said...

What a terrific roundup Rachel! I just love the seasonality of the dishes. Thanks again for hosting!

Graziana said...

thank you for the great round-up, I enjoyed reading it all!