Monday, October 31, 2011

Product Review and Giveaway: Lundberg Brown Rice and Stonehouse 27 Cashews and Cream Sauce

How I love Indian food. And how I have loved quick meals during this Fall soccer season. The Youngest has been the goalkeeper on her Varsity soccer team and so we have been running from practices to games and everywhere in between since August. Now they are in the sectional playoffs (Go Bulldogs!) and the excitement and transportation continues.

Enter Lundberg Family Farms and Stonehouse 27. The Lundberg rice farm cooks up some wonderful flavors of Rice Couscous which I previously reviewed here at The Crispy Cook, and has introduced a new Heat & Eat Brown Rice Bowl. These are single servings of brown rice and are quickly heated up in the microwave.

Lundberg Family Farms has an ongoing promotion with Stonehouse 27, a company which makes all natural, Indian-inspired cooking sauces which are also vegan, gluten free and low sodium. I received a Lundberg Heat and Eat Brown Rice Bowl and jar of Stonehouse 27 Cashews & Cream to sample and mix up into a quick meal combo. The goal was to add no more than three other ingredients and to make the meal within five minutes. I added cubed tofu, a fat head of broccoli and a box of Lundberg Brown Rice Couscous to complete my combo. I heated the Lundberg Brown Rice Bowl in the microwave, steamed up the broccoli, warmed the tofu cubes in the Cashews & Cream sauce in a pot, and made up the Brown Rice Couscous (took 15 minutes to cook that, but I needed extra rice to feed my family of four).

The result of my killer combo: Delicious~! The Stonehouse 27 Cashews & Cream sauce is nicely rich and has a mellow heat (there is also a Spicy Cashews & Cream variety available for chili heads, as well as Tamarind and Garlic, Tomato and Chillies, Cilantro and Coconut and Dates and Tamarind).

This was a healthy, hearty and quick vegetarian dinner to whip out on a busy autumnal school night. All of the Lundberg products I've tried have been great. We particularly enjoy the Brown Rice Couscous, which gives us a little textural variety with the many rice and X meals we eat in our house. I sprinkled some Kashmiri Mixture topping over my meal combo for a little extra crunch. I find this gluten-free combination of melon seeds, potato sticks and other crispy items at my local Asian market.

In Saratoga County, I found both the Lundberg rice products and Stonehouse 27 sauces in the aisles of my local Hannaford Supermarket. To check out the availability of these items in your neck of the woods, look for Lundberg Family Farms items here and Stonehouse 27 sauces here.

I am delighted that these two companies are allowing me to offer five giveaways of a Stonehouse 27 sauce and Lundberg Heat and Eat Brown Rice bowl to my readers in the U.S. To enter this giveaway leave a comment below describing what three ingredients you would add to these two items to make your own "killer combo". Do so by next Sunday, November 6, 2011, midnight Eastern Standard Time and I will randomly pick five winners from the comments below and have these giveaway packages mailed to you.

Good luck and good eating. And Happy Halloween!


Lindsey F. said...

I can think of several combinations. For one...cauliflower, chickpeas and something green - spinach or peas.

Unknown said...

I think that a great combination would be potatoes, and peas, and cauliflower.

cbstrat (at) gmail (dot) com

John Billiris

swedEnesefamily said...

Everyone took my answer: we love chick peas, cauloflower/broccoli, and lentils.

swedenesefamily at gmail dot com

Simona said...

How about beans, fire-roasted tomatoes and onions? I am familiar with Lundberg rice, grown in our state, while I didn't know about Stonehouse 27 sauces. Thanks!

Kathleen Conner said...

My "killer combo" is: potatoes, onions, and cauliflower!

klconn7 (at) yahoo (dot) com