Friday, November 11, 2011

Gluten Free Accomodations at the Porches in North Adams, Mass.

While it was only me (a non-Gluten Free member of the household)  and only one night's lodging, I was impressed by my stay at the historic Porches hotel in North Adams, Mass. I am let out of the bookstore for an annual "Ladies Weekend" with friends and though I had to abbreviate my annual getaway to just one night because of other commitments, it was a heavenly time.
Luxurious and Funky Accomodations

We chose North Adams, Massachusetts for our getaway this year because of its proximity to our Albany, NY hub and because most of us had not yet been to MassMoca, a great contemporary art museum that has exhibitions of incredible, huge sculptures and installations.
A very cozy reading room

The Porches is a historic hotel consisting of several adjacent rooming houses that were home to textile mill workers in the 19th century. The hotel is funky and decorated with interesting artwork and is walking distance to downtown North Adams and its many shops and restaurants. It is right next to MassMoca, which consists of many of these cavernous old factory spaces.

A palatial and stylish bathroom
The Porches was just great for us. We love to get together and catch up on what's been going on in our lives, drink wine, swap books and just generally chill out. The Porches had big rooms for the ten of us to gather in for our nightly pajama parties and there was also a heated outdoor swimming pool and hot tub which we used for our post-prandial gab sessions. Other perks included a cozy reading room, with fireplace, cuddly in-house cat, a sauna and bookshelves full of interesting books. The hotel staff was attentive and friendly and everything was perfectly relaxing.

Ladies Weekend Essentials

It was a wonderful overnight stay, but to top things off, I was pleasantly surprised the next morning when I stumbled into the breakfast room for a (series of great cups of) coffee and saw that there were many gluten-free things to eat, including granola, breakfast cereals, hardboiled eggs and bread. While none of the "Ladies" were gluten-free, I was pleased to see that if I want to spend a romantic getaway weekend with the celiac husband, we will both be wonderfully housed and fed. 

In a hotel cat's world it's always nap time
A big thank you to The Porches staff for making this a wonderfully restful stay with my favorite friends and thumbs up for being so accommodating for the gluten-free community.

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I love funky little places like this--especially those with a resident cat! :)