Monday, January 23, 2012

Teenagers Spotted Quaffing Healthy Substances. Film at Eleven

It's true. Two cute young ladies were recently spotted by the Crispy Cook scoffing down healthy drinks in upstate New York.  And though there was no carbonation, no added sugar or neon food coloring or even a Justin Bieber endorsement involved, they enjoyed their "smoothies" very much!

The drinks in question were Dahlicious Lassis, of the Oregon Strawberry and Alphonso Mango varieties, respectively. I received some samples of Dahlicious Lassis from this Vermont-based company that makes these Indian-style yogurt drinks, reminiscent of a really creamy smoothie. According to Dahlicious, the Lassis are made of lowfat milk from grass-fed cows on a small, family farm which is then slow cooked in a process that creates 15 billion probiotic cultures in each bottle and a good bit of natural lactase, which enables many people with lactose intolerance to enjoy a Lassi without ill effect. The lassi base is then mixed with fruit, cane juice and inulin, which gives each drink a healthy dose of fiber (8-9%, depending on flavor).

All of this sounded really good to me, as chief nutritionist in the house, but without great taste and appeal, no product is worth spending money on if it languishes in the fridge. Happily, all of the members of our Crispy household (plus one delightful  friend) gave this product a thumbs up, both in terms of flavor and creamy consistency. The Maine Blueberry flavor was judged the favorite flavor by our taste testers and I particularly enjoyed the fruity, not too sweet taste.  A great product indeed.

Locally, you can find Dahlicious Lassis at the Honest Weight Food Coop in Albany  or you can order Lassis by the case (12 bottles for $23.88 with free shipping if you live in New England, New York or New Jersey) at the Dahlicious website. You can also enter a monthly giveaway of a free lassi giveaway at the company's Facebook page. I'll keep an eye out for them in other local food markets and post a comment if I find them for sale elsewhere. I know I'll be buying them for an apres-sports snack for the teenaged soccer star.

**Note: I received a package containing five Dahlicious Lassi drinks from the Dahlicious company, but was not under obligation to post a review, favorable or not. As always, my comments about this product were completely my own.

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