Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chobani Greek Yogurt: A Gluten-Free Product Review in 12 Flavors

Yogurt used to be the province of health food devotees, something to break up the monotony of one's alfalfa sprouts and tofu loaves. It got marketed in the Seventies as a miracle food that kept spry Caucasus Mountain centenarians healthy and then in the Eighties and Nineties, we saw yogurt packaged as a weight loss food, packed with artificial sweeteners and thickeners to reduce calories in the flavored yogurts.

Nowadays, we are in the midst of a Greek yogurt craze, and I think this is the best incarnation yet. Greek yogurt is creamier and thicker than regular yogurt and I've been using plain Greek yogrt as a healthier substitute for sour cream in a lot of my recipes, from scalloped potatoes to pasta salads. The production of Greek yogurt takes 3 pounds of milk to make 1 pound of yogurt, so this has also been a boon to my dairy farmer neighbors, struggling to keep their family farms going in the midst of many economic challenges. This infusion of milk makes them very protein-rich as well.

The Chobani company, located in rural Chenango County, New York, recently sent me a case of their 6 oz. Greek yogurt for the Crispy Crew to sample and we have been really enjoying them. All the Chobani flavors are gluten-free, with all natural ingredients. They taste decadently rich and I love all the fruit chunks to mix in from the bottom. Though these yogurts are non-fat and low-fat, they taste rich on the tongue and are not overly sweet.

I am in love with the Blood Orange flavor and Dan and I both like the fact that the Passion Fruit and Pomegranate Chobanis include bits of their crunchy seeds to add a bit of texture. There are more traditional Chobani yogurt flavors to choose from, including, strawberry, pineapple, raspberry, black cherry, blueberry, lemon and apple cinnamon and I have noted the Chobanis now in the dairy aisle of both Hannaford and Price Chopper supermarkets locally.

If you would like to try the Chobani flavors yourself you can head over to their website and print out some coupons, and while you are there you can browse their recipes, look over their product line or even check out their blog.

Disclaimer: I received a case of Chobani Greek Yogurt from the manufacturer for possible review but I was under no obligation to do so and my comments and opinions are completely my own.

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