Monday, May 7, 2012

From Rhubarb to Renette Apples: The Weekend Herb Blogging #332 Roundup

There's an array of new recipes to try and interesting vegetables and fruits to admire in this week's roundup of Weekend Herb Blogging. Haalo of Cook Almost Anything gave me the honor of hosting this weekly blog event once again, and I've delighted in the tasty posts that have shown up in my email box this week.

Join me at this virtual banquet as we sample some wonderful WHB submissions from bloggers all around the world. I'm in the mood for sweets first!

Rhubarb is showing up at the Florida markets, so Lynn of Cafe Lynnylu was inspired to make some Rhubarb Vanilla Scones. She's got some gorgeous food photography on her blog, in addition to wonderful recipes, so drop by for a peek.

A simple but seductive Orange Jam recipe is Fele's contribution from the Ukraine on her blog Fairy-tale.  How about a dollop of this beautifully-colored jam on one of Lynne's rhubarb scones?

Australia's own Haalo of Cook Almost Anything joins us with a slice of strudel made with Renette apples. This homely, but dry-textured variety lends itself to baking projects and Haalo reports that the strudel was particularly CRISPY and didn't suffer from unforgivable, soggy bottom syndrome.

And now, how about something savory?

Stash is at the helm of The Spamwise Chronicles in New York City and this week he shows us an aromatic way to prepare my all-time favorite spring vegetable with his recipe for Asparagus with Coconut, Black Mustard Seeds and Cardamom.

It's off to Toronto to sample Janet of Taste Space's Sushi Roll Edamame Collard Wraps with Green Onion-Miso Vinaigrette. These wraps look so easy to make and carry for lunch or a picnic, and they look like they are loaded with layer upon layer of flavor.

Singapore food blogger Tigerfish sends us a beautifully presented dish of Sauteed Mung Bean Sprouts with Green Onions. Her  blog Tezcape has many other tantalizing recipes I am excited to explore.

Back to Europe and the Serbian food blog Palachinka to snack on some of Marija's Radicchio Pork Rolls. I'm with Marija on this one: radicchio is lovely raw in salads, but even better cooked!

I hope you all have saved some room for a hunk of Terry's Lasagna with Wild Herbs. Check out the recipe in English or Italian on her bilingual blog, Crumpets and Company, which comes to us from Venice, Italy. This recipe used nettles, dandelion leaves, hops sprouts, and bladder campion shoots.

Finally, here at the Crispy Cook in upstate New York, we have a recap of what I did with last summer's bountiful garden harvest of hot peppers and a quick and easy recipe for hot pepper, olive oil and garlic paste that I froze and have used to spice up a variety of dishes.

Well, I'm certainly stuffed, so I will just push back my virtual chair, pat my tummy and pass off the Weekend Herb Blogging torch (I envision the torch looks like a big fat bunch of leeks) to Cindystar over in Italy, who will be hosting WHB #333 next week. Thanks to Haalo for letting me roundup this wonderful blog event!


janet @ the taste space said...

A great cohort of food this week. Yum! Thanks for hosting WHB!

Terry said...

Thank you Rachel, a wonderful recap!!! Lots of delicious dishes! Tks for hosting!

tigerfish said...

Thanks for the fabulous round-up!

Foodycat said...

That lasagne looks amazing! What an absolute treat.

Lynne said...

Lovely roundup, Rachael. A wonderful mix of sweet and savory!

Haalo said...

Looks beautiful - I wouldn't mind having a bit of everything! Thanks so much for hosting Rachel!

Vitamins for Skin said...

Everything looks absolutely delicious. I think I may actually take a venture today and make the collard wraps...

thank you!
Nicole <3