Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Qrunch Burgers Review

There's a new kind of gluten-free frozen veggie burger on the market, actually four different kinds, if you count the different flavors, that celiacs and other gluten-free diners can enjoy: regular, Spicy Italian, Green Chile and Sweet Curry. The Denver-based Qrunch Foods company makes these tasty quinoa burgers which are also free of nuts, eggs, dairy, and corn and sent me a coupon for a free box to sample. Unfortunately, I could not find a store which carried the product in my area (Saratoga County in upstate New York), so they kindly shipped a package with the four flavors of their Qrunch burger to my house.

Finding a package full of dry-ice packed Qrunch burgers on my doorstep after a long day's work was a stone cold delight. I don't buy many convenience foods, but I do appreciate them for nights when a quick meal is needed (I have to watch those Detroit Tigers in the October baseball playoffs!).

That is a Sweet Curry Qrunch burger atop a cheese quesadilla, topped with the last of my garden tomatoes chopped up with celery, parsley and cukes and a dollop of herbed Greek yogurt. A bit of arugula in vinaigrette on the side, a few olives and orange slices, and that was a bodacious meal.

We've also enjoyed the other Qrunch burger flavors and I really like the way they hold their shape and texture during cooking. Some other veggie burgers we've tried, including our own homemade veggie burgers, tend to fall apart when you flip them during the sauteeing, and these Qrunch burgers stay nice and firm.  Add in the nutritive powers of the quinoa with all its protein and amino acids, and you've got yourself a fantastic quick and healthy meal option.

Overall, I highly recommend this product to others. Dan and I both loved the four flavors, though the Sweet Curry remains our favorite. I still have my coupon for a free Qrunch burger which I would be happy to mail to the first person who claims it in a comment below. Just be sure there's some way I can contact you to get your shipping address. Qrunch burgers are sold in Wegman's and Whole Foods and some others which you can search on the Qrunch Foods website, so if you have access to these markets, be sure to check them out.

**Note: As written above, I received four free boxes of Qrunch burgers in the mail from the Qrunch Foods company, but was not obligated to write a review for this product. As always, my comments are completely my own.


marshowl said...

There is a natural food store near me that carries the Qrunch burgers. I have not tried them and would love to try them with your coupon. email me at manth38827 @ aol. com and I will send back ,y mailing address if i am the first to ask. thanks

Rachel said...

Marsh Owl:

You got it. Coupon being mailed tomorrow. Bon Appetit!