Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Review of Gluten-Free It! Candies

After making candies for her friends and family over the last three decades, candymaker Karen Masi started her own mail order candy business two years ago. She makes It!, a delicious, crunchy indulgence at her Bristol, Connecticut shop and offers It! confections in gluten-free, sugar-free and vegan options. I received a sample assortment of the gluten-free flavors and they were immediately devoured. 

The It! candies taste like a rice CRISPY treat truffle stuffed with all kinds of crunchy and gooey tastes. Dan and I powered our way through the various flavors in our bag: cookies and cream, vanilla sandwich cookie, potato chip (a personal favorite), pretzel, milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, peanut butter and kitchen sink. We also got an extra sample and delightful handwritten note from the owner, Karen Masi, a nice personal touch, which she indicates is included in every order. 

I passed along my suggestion that an ingredients list would be welcome on her website, particularly since so many gluten-free folks may have other allergens to watch for and she said she was "on it" (by which I understood her to mean she would be adding this information to the website, not that she was standing on one of her candies). She did note to me that she uses a GF chocolate and GF crispy rice cereal in her gluten-free Its! and then dips them in gluten-free cookies and pretzels. She also noted that she uses separate chocolate containers for each of the chocolates so there is no cross contamination. I appreciated all of that information so my celiac sweetie wouldn't get glutened. (which he didn't). 

Two thumbs up for It!

++I received a complimentary assortment of candies shown above from the It! company but as always, I was not obligated to blog about this product and my opinions are completely my own. 

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Love stories of cottage industries like this who make it!