Sunday, March 25, 2007

All Hail the Almond Horn

It was only a few weeks after Dan's discovery that his world would be forever gluten-free that we were at the annual Chocolate and Coffee Festival organized in support of the Glens Falls Symphony. Our daughter Amy was singing with her school choir as part of the entertainment, so while waiting for her group we circled the tables of sweets feeling rather bereft. Dan was feeling like his dining future would consist of rice cakes and carrot juice when we spied the familiar face of Sue Harrington, owner of Effie's Baked Goods. We had been devotees of Effie's Cheese Bread, lightly toasted, which Sue would sell at local farmer's markets. While we were chatting and bemoaning Dan's gustatory dilemma, Sue pointed out that her Almond Horns and fingers dipped at the ends in dark chocolate were wheat-free. Dan pounced and was hooked.

You can purchase the divine Almond Horns from Effie's Baked Goods at the Saratoga Springs, New York farmer's market in High Rock Park on Saturdays or at the Glens Falls farmer's market in the Civic Center on Tuesdays. Otherwise, you can email Sue at her Argyle, NY bakery at

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