Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Gluten-Free Kitchen Cupboard

As if her post on Fried Chickpeas wasn't blogworthy enough, Gluten-Free Gobsmacked has another recent post on how to stock your gluten-free cupboard. The plethora of baking products that has sprung up in my kitchen to replace two bags of flour (white and whole wheat) is just out of control these days and I will have to absorb Gobsmacked's educational post several times.

The good news is that the Wheatless One, Dan, has been hard at work to create a built-in corner cupboard in our kitchen. Here's a shot of the venerable bead-board under construction.

I anxiously await filling it with my heavy food processor and stand mixer and various other appliances and dishes that lurk around in odd corners, needing hefting and dusting whenever I ratchet up the dinner preparations. The plan is to then have a separate couple of shelves in the other cupboards in our kitchen devoted to gluten-free baking supplies.

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