Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekend Herb Blogging #262 Roundup

Welcome to the Weekend Herb Blogging #262 Roundup! WHB is the weekly blog event run by Haalo of Cook Almost Anything and which celebrates the variety of edible plant ingredients. I had the honor of hosting this event this past week and as usual, am delighted by the new information and recipes I have collected.

Here's what bloggers from around the world sent in for our visual feast:

Megha from India made a Not So Traditional Tomato and Onion Chutney for us to enjoy on her blog Live to eat!!! She paired this spicy condiment with some raw papaya parathas. Spicy and good!

Our wonderful WHB Doyenne, Haalo, from the Melbourne, Australia-based blog Cook Almost Anything, gets ready for the holidays with a Stem Ginger Cake. I wasn't familiar with stem ginger, but they are pieces of baby ginger cooked in a sugar syrup and Haalo says they add a luscious heat to this moist, Christmasy cake.

Italian blogger Cindystar sends over another elegant holiday recipe: Insalata di faraona con castagne ed uva, or Guineafowl Salad with Chestnuts and Grapes. This would be the perfect way to use seasonal ingredients in a lighter dish to offset the richness of other holiday feasting.

Yasmeen from the Ohio-based blog Health Nut sends a recipe for Roasted Pumpkin Farro Stuffed Pablanos. Gluten-free cooks may want to sub in quinoa or rice for the farro, but either way, these appetizers look mighty delicious!

We get not one, but two delightful recipes for WHB from Indian blogger Priya from her site Bon Appetit. She shares a recipe for Dal Tadka and Parwal Fry. Parwals are a pointed gourd that are vine plants similar to cucumbers or squash. They look mouthwatering!

Here at The Crispy Cook, I tried cooking with poha for my entry to WHB. Poha is a flattened or beaten rice product that is soaked, drained and then cooked up quickly in many Indian dishes. My whole family really liked the Poha dish I cooked up with sliced potatoes, curry leaves, peanuts and spices. I also learned that poha can be used as a breading for fried foods, so may try that soon.

Brii is a resident of beautiful Lake Garda, Italy, and shares many spectacular photographs of the countryside on her blog, Briiblog in English. This week she offers us historical background about and a recipe for Christmas Stollen. Brii is also offering Italian readers a spot to read WHB posts in Italian on another of her blogs, Briggis Recept Och Ideer.

Thanks to all the bloggers who sent in their wonderful posts and thanks to Haalo for giving me this hosting opportunity. Next week Weekend Herb Blogging moves to China and will be hosted by Huan at Eat.Read.Live, so be sure to check out the roundup next week for more wonderful recipes.


Haalo said...

There's some wonderfully unique ingredients on show this week and gorgeous recipes to boot. Thanks so much for hosting Rachel!

chrischaos said...

this is some really good lookin stuff here. id be glad to eat all of it

Poetry Is Life said...

it all looks so yummmy

Priya Sreeram said...

wonderful roundup !

Cindystar said...

great recap, Rachel, thank so much for hosting!
wish you happy holidays, have a nice time!

nico. said...

hey, I just saw that you live in the Saratoga area ... I just moved to Portland, OR but I originally am from the upstate area too! Scotia, NY :)

Pierce said...

That was s good round up. Love it!

brii said...

eccomi!! here I am!

wonderful round up!
there are some ingredients I wish I could put my hands on! :-DD

by now I have a chilometric wish list, sooner or later, piece by piece, I will put my hands on all of them!
I was in Milan the other day on a International artisan fair, I bought some ground ginger coming from Madagascar, it as an incredible perfume, a fantastic taste.

I'm so happy being part of the WHB, because I continuously learn new things, and meet new bloggers of all around the world.
thank you for hosting Rachel.