Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mother's Day Mixology

Almost a week later, I am finally blogging about my wonderful Mother's Day present: my new mixer! I had been hinting about wanting a more powerful mixer to help with my gluten-free baking, as some recipes call for 10 minutes or more of blending (and I want to walk away and let the mixer handle that), so Dan and the girls surprised me with a shiny new silver model last Sunday. I broke it in with a double batch of Elizabeth Barbone's Coffeecake Muffins (cinnamon sugar in the middle and on the tops) and made a variant version using maple sugar which was even more delectable. The maple sugar melts in the middle and is wonderful with a little soft butter hot out of the oven.

Now, while this mixer has 300 amps and meets my needs fully, the question remains: Should I pimp my mixer? Check out this link if you want to see some muscular mixers with flames, camouflage and patriotic detailing. I'll just stick with the classic look of flour smudges myself.

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Samantha said...

For sure, you should pimp your mixer!