Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hail to the Kale

The garden keeps poking along into autumn and we are now enjoying some delicious kale. It is a little mellower after the first frost, but we have had unusually warm weather, so no hard frost yet, just some overnight temperatures just kissing the freezing mark. We haven't been able to wait to eat our kale and our brussels sprouts.

The kale is so easy to grow and is generally pest-free. To cook it up, I usually just saute some garlic and onions, then throw in some chopped kale, maybe a little water or broth, and cook it down. I like some hot sauce or red pepper flakes to counter the strong mustard taste of the kale.

You can enjoy this over rice or pasta, or toss in some cubed tofu or leftover cooked potatoes and another one-dish meal is ready!

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it be appetizing
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