Sunday, May 4, 2008

Adopt A Gluten-Free Blogger: Fresh Ginger

For the third installment of the Adopt A Gluten-Free Blogger Event I chose Fresh Ginger.
I had the impression from her blog name and pineapples lounging on the beach masthead that she lived in Hawaii or some other Pacific paradise, but it turns out that she's a Michigander. Ginger is also a beer and cider brewer, gardener, knitter and from a family of fruit farmers, so her blog is an interesting mix of these interests.

Fresh Ginger also provides a lot of cocktail and appetizer recipes which I have bookmarked for future consumption. However, the recipe that triggered her adoption was for Lard Nah, which does not contain lard, thankfully, but is a traditional Thai noodle dish. This worked out beautifully in my wok with some collard greens, tofu and mushrooms, although I did hold back on the amount of water mixed with tapioca starch as my Lard Nah seemed adequately hydrated. This is really a tasty stir-fry dinner with delicious sauce that I look forward to trying with other garden greens.

A note of caution to other gluten-free folk who want to check out this great blog. Fresh Ginger is able to tolerate spelt, so if you can't eat any kind of gluten, not just wheat gluten, please do not cook up any recipes using spelt.

If you are interested in adventurous cooking from around the globe, this is the blog for you. Fresh Ginger features lots of different cuisines: Scandinavian, Indian, Thai, Cuban, etc., and has a breezy, fun writing style, so it's a lot of fun to read. I look forward to cooking up some more of her wonderful recipes, and soon!

The Adopt A Gluten-Free Blogger Event, started by Sea at the Book of Yum, continues until May 11, 2008, so look for a roundup after next weekend. There's still time to participate in this event and if you are interested in doing so, check out this link.


Gluten free Kay said...

Hi Rachel,

I can't believe we both posted our first garden shots of asparagus and chives! I was so excited to eat my first garden foods. Soon, I'll post my brunia red oak leaf photos. They're so cute when they're babies.

I was shopping for a second dwarf peach tree today. The garden store owner said he'd have one for me in two weeks. But in the meantime, he had this sweet dwarf granny smith apple tree. It's already bloomed and may set fruit. I resisted, but may go back for it tomorrow morning.

Looks like you've got some great recipes here. I'll add you to my blogroll.

Anonymous said...

Fresh ginger is so good and so versatile!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me know about that link, Rachel. I am excited to see the roundup for Adopt a Blogger. I like your new design!