Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Soybean and Feta Dip, Grown my Own Self

Yet another snowy December day out there in our winter wonder corner of upstate New York. It's been a hectic holiday week, but I am looking forward to a cozy meal with my family tonight and the anticipation of a decorated tree when I return home after work tonight. I made a few snacks and baked a few items for our Christmas feasting in between ice storms, kid chauffeuring, book selling and shopping errands this week and one of the delights was my blogger friend Deb's Edamame-Feta Dip.

I have bags of frozen, blanched green soybeans in our freezer from our summer garden and this was a new way to munch on them. I discovered that I didn't have any lemons on hand for this recipe, but after perusing my ever-present table of condiments in the fridge, I came up with most of a 15 oz. jar of pickled red peppers. Once drained and chopped, they subbed in the acid tang of the lemons and added Christmasy color as well. Delicious!

I am submitting this dip as my contribution to Andrea's Recipes end of the year Grow Your Own Event. This fun event celebrates the home-grown, foraged, fished and hunted items for the table from great home cooks around the world and will be running through December 30, 2008. Be sure to check Andrea's roundup after that date to see what we all made during this festive month.

Here's wishing a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and a Happy, Healthy, More Peaceful New Year to all!


Maria Verivaki said...

is that snow on your doorstep? wow, i feel just fine here in my snow-less house, watching the ice-capped mountains 30 kilometres away!
merry christmas!

Deb in Hawaii said...

I think the red peppers are a great and festive replacement for the lemon. Glad you liked the dip. Hope you had a great Christmas!

Andrea Meyers (Grow Your Own) said...

Now that's a great combination! We are always playing with bean dips, and this sounds really good. Love the snow, too. :-)