Thursday, January 22, 2009

Adopt A GF Blogger: Emilia's Baked Rice Paper Rolls

Sea over at the Book of Yum is having another round of the Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger Event, this time focused on healthy recipes for the New Year. I have been thwarted by my impatient efforts at wrapping and frying ice paper spring rolls in the past and long wanted to try the Baked Rice Paper Rolls recipe I bookmarked at A Gluten-Free Day. This lovely GF blog is maintained by Emilia in Finland and highlights baked goods in particular, all beautifully bathed in natural light and photographed expertly. Emilia knows how to present her food artistically and has a great attitude about gluten-free living in her words below:
I don´t feel like being celiac is a big part of how I view myself and I don´t think of myself as having a problem because I am celiac. After I left gluten out my life has not changed much, although my health improved. My attitude towards being celiac might come from the fact that I live in a country where food intolerances are very common and where people view being celiac for example as something that is not much out of the ordinary.

Though most of the recipes on A Gluten-Free Day are for sweet treats, I was most intrigued by her Baked Rice Paper Rolls recipe. I have gotten familiar with rice paper rolls in the last year and find them in the Asian section of my local supermarket. They simply contain rice and water and are easy enough to prepare for cooking. I get a large, shallow container full of warm water ready (I use a baking dish) and then dip each rice paper roll in for 30-60 seconds before laying it on a damp towel over my cutting board. Then, I am ready to roll!

Since I am somewhat frying-challenged (though my past GF Blogger Adoptee, Fresh Ginger, gives me hope for the future with this informative post) I wanted to make some crunchy spring rolls for supper. Before the celiac diagnosis, Chinese take-out was our family's favorite, but the ubiquitousness of restaurant supply company wheat-infused soy sauce knocks that option out of the park, so I was determined to follow Emilia's recipe and provide my gang with some crunchy Asian goodness. I am pleased to report that her recipe was a success and has inspired me to try it out with other delicious fillings (Emilia's rolls are stuffed with spicy, garlicky cabbage).

I would recommend A Gluten-Free Day to anyone looking for some new recipes for healthy baking, as Emilia's recipes incorporate a lot of whole flours. She also conveniently lists her ingredients in both metric and English measurements, which is helpful to bakers and cooks across the world. I have some other recipes bookmarked on her elegant blog and look forward to cooking them up.

The Book of Yum will be posting the roundup of the Healthy Resolution Edition of the Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger event in early February, but in the meantime, you can check out some of the past adoptions at this link. I am excited about being adopted for the first time with this event by none other than Sea herself and am excited to see which recipe she picks.


Cheryl Harris said...

those really do look beautiful!

Emilia said...

Thanks Rachel for adopting me and most of all for your kind words :)

Those rolls look great and I'm glad your family enjoyed them too.

Anonymous said...

I saw those on her blog too, and left a comment saying that I was going to make them soon. Unfortunately, I still haven't! They look so good though. I have made them without putting them in the oven, but I really want to try her idea of baking them.