Thursday, April 26, 2007

Jigsaw Bars a Puzzlement

I received a free box of Jigsaw bars in chocolate and coconut almond flavors from the maker, Jigsaw Health, and while I appreciate the company's kind offer, they just didn't pass muster with our family. The kids didn't even finish their bars, which is surprising with my little one, as she enjoys healthy eating. Dan, the celiac-in-search-of-munchies, was lukewarm in his praise for the Chocolate flavor (grade = C) and hated the Coconut Almond. I liked the Chocolate Bar a little better (grade = B), and also couldn't finish my Coconut Almond Jigsaw Bar. I found an unpleasant stale nut kind of taste in my mouth after eating the Coconut Almond Bars (two separate tastings).

I'm going to pass on the remaining bars to one of my celiac pals to see if she finds them tasty, but these bars won no endorsement here. I'd rather bake something from scratch for a healthy treat.

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