Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Cucumber is Famous

The glistening forkful of cucumber and mint salad photograph that graced this blog two days ago has made the big time by appearing on the front page of Tastespotting. That was a surprise, because I've been regularly submitting food photos to this breathtaking and hunger-inducing website for a couple of months now and nary a photo has been picked. This time I thought I might have a shot, so to speak, because the timing worked out perfectly in catching the elusive drip of salad juice off the fork. It required balancing my old old clunky Sony Mavica (with its whopping 2.0 megapixels and slot for a floppy disk to record the photos) on the ground and using my left hand to dip the cucumber fork repeatedly in the salad juices and pressing the shutter button with my right hand. All that happened on a blastingly hot and humid afternoon, where I had as much sweat dripping off my nose as left the fork, but didn't that shot look cool.

Off to read my old camera manual some more....

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Rachel said...

Arghh! I think I broke Tastespotting. I finally get a photo on their site and now they are out of business. When you visit the site, there is a note that says that due to legal entanglements, there will be no more gorgeous food photos. Oh dear.