Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer Grilling with Country Bob

With summer barbeque season in full throttle here in the great Northeast, we have been doing our best to keep the outdoor fires burning and the indoor ovens off. In between rolling heat waves when nobody's appetite is up for more than salads and cold leftovers, we've enjoyed lots of great kebabs, grilled veggies and fish, including our favorite seafood recipe of all time, Plantation Shrimp.

Last month the folks at Country Bob's offered to send me two bottles of their All-Purpose Steak Sauce. After receiving assurances that it was gluten-free, I agreed to cook up some edibles using their product and am pleased to report that it meets with our family's approval. The All-Purpose Sauce tastes like an A-1 type steak sauce, only with a little more fruit flavor.

In our pescetarian household we eschewed the enclosed recipe booklet of predominantly porcine recipes and did our own kitchen experiments. We tried slathering it on our standard vegetable kebab recipe (we like a mix of vinaigrette-marinated peppers, onions (secured with a toothpick), zucchini, yellow squash, pineapple chunks, mushrooms, and the crowd favorite: canned small whole potatoes. The canning process seems to keep the potatoes together so they don't slide off the skewers.) We also basted portabella mushroom caps with Country Bob's splendid sauce and this made them taste very rich and delicious. The bold flavors of the sauce also paired well with some meaty shark kebabs. The sauce has also seen double duty in our house in spicing up rice, Breakfast Potatoes, and cheese quesadillas, so we are happy to recommend it to others.

Country Bob's All-Purpose Sauce does not appear to be available in our area grocery stores, but is more widely distributed in the midwestern and western U.S., so if you would like to try out a free bottle, check out the Country Bobs website for a coupon that they will mail to you.

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