Saturday, July 5, 2008

Putting Up the Cilantro Harvest with the Book of Yum

Sea over at the Book of Yum is my kindred gluten-free cooking spirit. While she may be an urban dweller on the West Coast, and I'm a rural devotee on the East Coast, she and I share a love for vegetables, herbs and adventurous cooking. She's the first foodie blog I check every day and I'm always delighted by the fresh take on a recipe, her good natured and detailed commentary about her kitchen experiments and her interest in Asian, Indian and other international flavors.

Our family has enjoyed her Southern Fried Tofu recipe quite a lot and I was delighted when she started the Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger Event this past winter so that I could have an excuse to try out some of the many bookmarked recipes in my pile.

I have enjoyed adopting Jeena's Kitchen (Onion Bhajis), The GFCF Experience (Brownie Tart), Fresh Ginger (Lard Nah) and Gluten A Go Go (Coca-Cola Cake) in the past rounds of this event, and now I am pleased to adopt our Founder, Sea. from the Book of Yum, in this fifth round. I have a ton of cilantro coming up in my garden and before it bolts overnight, I harvested two huge bunches to make Sea's recently posted Cilantro Chutney recipe.

I had all the ingredients in my pantry and garden except for the asafoetida/hing, which a quick trip to Wikipedia informed me was a plant seasoning also known as Devil's Dung (?!?) which lends a leek-like flavor to dishes when cooked. I opted to substitute in 2 cloves of finely minced garlic instead of this quaintly-named delight and things seemed to be tasty enough. Whirling around this chutney in my food processor produced just enough chutney to fill twelve spots in my ice cube tray. I froze this overnight and then popped out the cubes into a freezer baggie to be pulled out well after cilantro season for spicing up raitas, yogurt dips, and zipping up my canned salsa. Thanks Sea, for helping me with my summer garden harvest and for starting this fun foodie event!

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