Thursday, August 28, 2008

You're Still the One, One, One....

Before la vida Gluten-free, Dan and I used to like to splurge on a nice meal at One One One, located at 111 Main Street in the historic Washington County, NY village of Greenwich (pronounced "Green Witch"). It has a funky decor with dark blue walls peppered with painted and encrusted constellations and lots of warm wood. The food is great, reasonably-priced and cooked to order.

We hadn't been back in the last couple of years because it's just so much easier to cook at home and avoid gluten-phobia, but it was recently our 20th wedding anniversary and we wanted to celebrate this milestone with a romantic dinner at our of our favorite restaurants. The call was made for reservations and a vetting of the menu. The person answering the phone knew about gluten-free options, so I didn't have to educate them about the wheat family, cross-contamination issues and problematic soy sauces, so we made a reservation.

111 was just as lovely an dining experience as before. We checked in with our waitress to make sure the chef was expecting a gluten-free diner and there was no problem. We settled in for a lovely, candle-lit meal, with many gluten-free deviations from the regular menu items offered to us by the chef and waitress. It was so hassle-free and enjoyable, and the grilled scallops, cumin-scented squash and smoked trout appetizers are highly recommended!

Thank you One One One for such a great celebration and for making it so easy to enjoy a restaurant meal without fear of being glutened. We really felt pampered.

You can visit the restaurant at 111 Main Street, Greenwich NY 12834 from Wednesday through Sunday from 5 pm to 9 pm. Call (518) 692-8016 to make reservations.


Alicia Foodycat said...

It's so nice when you have an experience like that! I am so tired of trying to take friends with allergies out and being disappointed. Or the vegetarian option being chicken. I can eat anything but I want my friends to be happy!

Shannon B. said...

Aww, how wonderful the restaurant accomodated you! Yay One One One!

Shannon B.
Community Manager