Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gluten Free Food Find of the Week: The Pomelo

The citrus family is on full display in the produce section of our local supermarkets right now.  Time to check out a new citrus friend, the Pomelo! 

It looks like a grapefruit, but it has a much thicker white pith.  Because of that pithy section, the pomelo is somewhat difficult to peel, but it is worth the extra machinations.  The flesh is really fragrant and sweet, however, with none of the bitterness that grapefruit typically has.  I think I picked one that was perfectly ripe, which I did by surreptitiously sniffing its stem end while the produce clerks were looking the other way.  It had a full grapefruit aroma, so I popped the pomelo into the cart.

Our pomelo was a lovely fellow, but a bit pricey at $3.19 each.  I'm hoping that I can grab some pomelos more cheaply at the Asian markets in Albany (these citrus fruits are natives of Southeast Asia), because it really was a nice treat. 


Eating For IBS said...


You have given a unique information about Gluten food product. It looks like a grapefruit and its flesh is really fragrant and sweet. It really a nice treat. Thanks for the information.

Linda said...

Rachel, I've never tried a pomelo, but I'm going to look for one now. Thanks!