Sunday, March 11, 2007

Gluten-Free Food Find of the Week

After our wonderful Indian meal in New York City last month, we've been inspired to try some new Indian dishes. I was in the grocery store and spotted Sharwood's Indian Puppodums in the international foods aisle. They are labelded as gluten-free right on the front of the package and are made of black gram bean flour, rice flour, salt, lime, sunflower oil and assorted spices. Dan really misses going out to an Indian restaurant and ordering naan and poori breads to sop up all the spicy, saucy goodness. While these poppodums are more crispy and cracker-like, they add that missing bread thang.

They are truly magical to watch cooking. The box notes that you can deep fry them, but it's much, much easier than gluten-free pie to simply flop them in the microwave for 20 seconds and see them transmogrify from thin flaps to flutey UFOs. Culinary alchemy. And our kids are loving them as snacks they can make themselves.

These puppodums come 16 in a package and cost a little under $3.00 at my local supermarket. If your market doesn't carry them, you can order them from (you can click on the puppodum picture at the lower right of this web page). They come in plain and Madras spicy. They are 20 calories each, but have 720 mg of sodium, so they are best eaten in moderation. A Glowing Product Endorsement from the Jagareski household. Four thumbs up!

Next post: A luscious Indian meal to go with the puppodums!

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Sea said...

I can't wait to try this! Thank you! I've tried to fry pappadam in small amounts of oil and had limited success, alas. Microwave sounds easy and I'm so excited to see the results I can look forward to! :D