Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Gluten-Free Product Review: Really Great Food Lemon Cookies

We get so many people in our bookstore these days asking for gluten-free cookbooks that I am constantly on the lookout for them. We don't find a lot of used copies out there and when they do show up, they are snapped up almost immediately, so I am convinced that there is a market for more gluten-free recipe titles (HINT to all food writers out there).

One of my customers got that usual shpiel from me along with an earful about how I am adjusting to cooking gluten-free these days and she came back a few weeks later with a gift of lemon cookie mix from The Really Great Food Company. (My customers are 99.9% sweethearts!)

I will give props to this New York State company for having a wide variety of gluten-free and dairy-free mixes and foods and for keeping the prices reasonable. This mix made a bodacious amount of cookies (more than the 50 they estimate on the package) and the price on their website is eminently reasonable ($5.95).

The cookies were good, not Really Great, though. I made several batches--some more well-done than others with my temperamental oven that requires vicious kicking to make it hiccup above 100 degress--and all were curiously dry while spongy at the same time. The lemon flavor was good, but they were somewhat naked looking without any adornment, so I topped them with sliced almonds.

All in all, a B+ grade for this lemon cookie mix. There are some other interesting baking mixes on the Really Great Food website I may check out another time, like Spinach and Cheese Biscuits and a Rye-Style bread mix, so I encourage others to give it a look if they do a lot of baking at home.

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