Sunday, June 22, 2008

Squeeze the Grilled Mango

Those of us who came of age in the Eighties remember the English pop band Squeeze. They had interesting lyrics and a catchy, New Wave sound that still makes me bop around when I hear one of their singles.

Well I remember helping my first date in high school try to jimmy open his car door after inadvertently locking ourselves outside. Inside the car, the cassette player kept going, playing Squeeze. My date had the unfortunate last name of "Bras", so I knew the relationship would never come to anything, but I had fun riding around that summer in his (later unlocked) car, going to the movies and eating out at Chinese restaurants.

With the lyrics of "Tempted" playing in my head, I was tempted by the fruit of another; in this case Lyra, the Gluten-Free Hippie's Cardamom-Glazed Grilled Mango recipe. I have been digging fresh mangos a bit now since jousting away with them in a Chutney at the May Foodie Joust Event. I had a nice fresh mango at the ready, but the weather was uncooperative when I set out for some grilling and therefore had to switch to grilling the objects of my fruit temptations in my toaster oven.

The results were tasty enough but not as agreeably charred and caramelized as I am sure they would be if grilled properly outdoors. However, I and my family managed to scarf these tasty mango chunks up, deftly removing the skins inside our mouths like diligent chipmunks, and we will certainly add grilled mango to our repertoire of tasty barbecued treats.

Tempted by the fruit of another...yes, I am afraid I had to indulge myself in this mangoliciousness. Thank you Lyra.

This recipe is being submitted as part of the fun Eat to the Beat blogger event, started by Elly Says Opa! and her delicious blog which features lots of Greek and other international flavors. Eat to the Beat runs until June 30th and features blog posts that pair food with music. Mangos and Squeeze, perfect together!


Unknown said...

Great submission! Thanks for participating. The grilled mango looks so good. I've only recently gotten into grilling fruit and it's so tasty!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for trying out my recipe! It looks great!

I'm thinking though that if you turn up the toaster oven really high and nearly char the outside, it'd turn out more similar to my recipe. Or, broiling in the oven would probably do the trick, too. :)

Trav's Gone Gluten Free! said...

I have a get-together on the 4th, and this looks great for cooking on the grill. This will definitely be part of the menu.